29. 05. 2013.

New in #1 - some new polishes :)

Hello hello!

I have some new nail polishes to show you and you'll see their swatches in the future.

So, here are my new sweets :)

Opi - Can You Tapas This? - this is my very first Opi nail polish. I bought it in Kompas shop on the ex Slovenian and Italy border and I paid 6,50 euros for it (it was 50% off - the full price was 13 €). For the first Opi polish I chose this classic color :).

Sinful Colors - 1106 Cinderella and 395 Folly - again my first polishes from this brand. I bought it in Upim store in Trieste (Italy) and the price was 2,90 €/piece (full price was 3,70 €).

Essence Season of Extremes collection - 03 Pimp My Bright - this polish was on discount (50% off) and it was about a dollar. This collection is an old one (from spring 2012, I think). I bought it in DM store in Rijeka (Croatia).

Catrice Revoltaire collection - C01 Innocent Toxin - this limited edition is an old one too. It was actual in the fall I think. This sick :))) polish I bought in my hometown Rijeka (DM store) and I paid about 3,50 dollars for it.

Golden Rose Care+Strong - shade 224 - I have several Golden Rose polishes but this is the first from this line. It is beautiful peachy pink shade with silver glitter. I bought it in Golden Rose store in Rijeka for 2,50 dollars.

Golden Rose Paris - shade 122 - this polish was a present from my dear boyfriend. This shade looks like a warm black if you could imagine that :D. It is very dark blood color and it's very nice! I don't have anything like that. Golden Rose Paris nail polishes are 2,50 dollars.

Eveline - 8 in 1 total action, intensive nail conditioner - I hope this will make may nails don't break and look nicer :). The price is about 3,50 dollars.

Have you tried some of these products?

Thank you for stopping by!

4 komentara:

  1. Super si se ponovila :)
    Catrice mi se baš sviđa.

    1. Jesam :D I meni se baš sviđa. Baš je neka bolesna boja :))

  2. Odgovori
    1. Jest, i meni, ali je sam lak čudan :D. Vidjet će se kad ga svočam :D


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