26. 05. 2013.

[eng/cro] DIY Textured nail polish effect - Reljefni nokti u par poteza

Hello hello!

Textured nail polishes are very popular these days, and I don't have any! :D So, a few days ago I was thinking about that and I realized that I could probably make something similar myself. I did it and I'm pretty happy with the result.

I'm pretty sure that this easy way of doing textured effect on your regular nail polish is in use and you might know about it, but I didn't google it.

For this manicure you'll need nail polish (I chose shimmery polish and it was Flormar Supershine 10) and a sponge that is not very dense. 

Paint your nails with two or three coats of nail polish. Leave it to dry half through and then press prepared sponge on the nail. Do not press too hard because you could remove pieces of polish from your nails. That can also happen if the polish is too wet. You can press the sponge several times on each nail to get more texture.

On the picture below you can see how it looks like with two and three coats of polish. I prefer it with three coats because it gets more texture.

What do you think? :) Would you try it?

Thank you for stopping by! :)

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